Tasting Room

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At the forefront of African Tea Gastronomy, we continually draw from our vast collection of fine harvested teas and signature blends of related products. Integrating a myriad of these signature teas and specialty blended products into delicious brews for your enjoyment and in recipes is a precious component of our tasting service. Imparting superbly unique flavors that celebrate the taste buds, tantalizing the palate, and introducing a whole new world of sensations and flavors to gourmands and tea lovers is the experience that awaits you and your guests. We can also accommodate groups for sit down breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner specialties. Tea is woven into every aspect of the tasting meal which is an unmistakable nuance that deliciously enhances each phase of your visit. Each tasting is customized based on the needs of the client. We arrange tasting that can include 6 to 10 teas of various types from our collections.

Private Parties, Children Tea Parties and Weddings Baby Showers at Serengeti Teas & Spices
Tea tastings are a wonderful inclusion for your event. We can provide food as well. For groups of 20 or more the shop will be closed for your group. The charge for the tea tasting depends on the number of people booked or food and treats you may request. A custom tasting menu is designed for your event. For parties of 20 or more we will close the shop for 1– 2 hrs. The fee is based on the number of people.

Private & Corporate Events - In House or at Your Location
This works great for a lunch time program, or a corporate wellness presentation and includes a beautiful presentation if your venue is equipped for that. We gear the talk to stress reduction and health benefits which increase employee productivity. Pricing is based on event size or number of guests attending. We can also host events of this nature at our location. For In House Tasting Services or for Out House Tasting Services please call us at the listed number 212-837-1057