Tasting Room

We create and curate unique and tantalizing blends of teas and small bites that transport you across the vast African landscape. This is a world where no meal is complete without tea. Each tea and amuse pairing has a story to tell and a journey that begs to be explored. With over 400 Varieties of teas, your palate is sure to make a new heart and mind connection in the sensory dimensions.


Come into our tea bar glowing from burnished lamps and red Moroccan Lanterns, with indigenous and contemporary African art adorning the walls where you will be welcomed by shelves of teas, jugs of iced herbal brews and mouthwatering bites.






Three (3) Course Tea Pairings & Dining Experience


We have curated a truly unique experience where world-class Serengeti Teas are paired with artistic, delicious food pairings. Together they create the perfect show, one that will be both physically satisfying and one you will want to relive over and over again.


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Serengeti Tea Tasting - 5 Teas / 5 Small Bites


5 stops around Africa. We offer you 5 teas and small bites that will take your taste buds around the African continent in 90 mins.


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Private Events

If you are interested in learning more about our offerings, please call us at 212-837-1057