Private & Corporate Events - In House or at Your Location This works great for a lunch time program, or a corporate wellness presentation and includes a beautiful presentation if your venue is equipped for that. We gear the talk to stress reduction and health benefits which increase employee productivity.  Pricing is based on event size or number of guests attending. We can also host events of this nature at our location. For In House Tasting Services or for Out House Tasting Services please call us at the listed number 212 866 - 7100

Domestic & International - Wholesale, Retail, and Distribution Industry professionals are encouraged to contact us for more information and to receive our complete product list of teas, coffees, spices and hot chocolates that are specifically conceived to cater to the requirements of corporate gifts, specialty retail, restaurant food service, B&B and hospitality sectors.  

Custom Blending Services

1. Custom Blending Serengeti Teas and Spices provides over 400 unique teas, spices, coffees, cocoa, chocolates  and tisanes, but if you are looking for a signature blend to enhance or compliment your menu and other uses, we can bring your vision to life! With hundreds of quality ingredients sourced from Africa and all over the world, the possibilities are endless. Low minimum orders allow you to keep your inventory fresh. Custom blends are available for loose leaf, bagged, or iced teas infusion pouches. • Loose Leaf:  6 lbs. minimum per blend per order. Allow up to 1 week lead time after approval of blend. Specially sourced ingredients may affect lead time and/or minimum order. • Iced Tea: 100 1-gallon pouch minimum per order. Choose 4 cases of 25 pouches or 2 cases of 50 pouches. Price breaks are offered with orders of 500 pouches or more. Allow up to 1 week lead time after approval of blend. You may also try our Iced Teas which can be private labeled or sold in bulk.

2. Co-Branding Take advantage of our beautiful packaging and established brand recognition by associating your brand with our image. Available with our specialized retail tins, custom text and graphics may be applied to our template to tailor the description of your custom blend.  96 tin minimum per order. You may select four flavors in sets of 24 tins per flavor.  Allow for a 3-4 week lead time for approvals and first delivery.

3. Co-Packing/ Private Labeling If you are looking for help blending and packing tea in your packaging, we are here for you! Co-Packing and private labeling is available for loose leaf tea, tins with your label and sachets or tea bags. • Loose Leaf Bags: Your labels can be affixed to our stand up pouch foil-lined Kraft bags available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 1 lb, or 2 lb sizes. Or, you can ship your labels and bags to us. We are not responsible for sourcing custom material you may require unless you provide instructions for us to do so. 15-20 lbs. minimum per order. Allow for a 2-4 week lead time from receipt of approved product. • Tins: We can package tea in tins provided by you or us. 15 - 20 lbs. minimum order per blend. Lead time depends on packaging requirements. • Pyramid Tea Sachets: Pack your custom blend in our eco-pyramid tea sachets, with or without overwrap.  Without Overwrap: 2,500 sachet minimum per flavor, per release. Allow 2-3 weeks lead time for non-organic blends and 4 weeks for organic blends.  With Overwrap: 12,000 sachet minimum per flavor. Overwrap film material must meet our specifications and be provided by you. Lead time is to be determined and set up costs may apply.