About Us

Serengeti Teas & Spices - Welcomes you on an unforgettable expedition of discovery!

We are Located at 22 East 125 Street. New York City 10035 - Phone 212 837 1057

History of the beginning from our founder

The beginning of the passion for teas, coffees and herbs started with my dear grandmother. I was the youngest grandson at the time and very much a Grand-Mama’s boy. When I was seven it all started on a walk in the farm garden. Muma is what I called her, which simply means Mom. I was brought into a world of flowers and herbs and plants that could heal and awaken the body. Muma always requested I take notes and she questioned what I had learned from our time in the farm gardens, on trips to tea estates, our farms or walks picking herbs and spices. It was always fun to go to the farms. My Grand Papa had a very large farm and I would be in heaven for days searching the bushes for botanicals to bring them to Muma and when we both walked the bushes, well it simply was bliss. The wild little berries were amazing to see and taste and they made such amazing fruity teas, pies, preserves and jams. The flowers and herbs were so aromatic and full in flavors. At times I was told by Muma to simply close my eyes and taste the herbal blends we had created. I loved to talk to her and I always wanted to tell her more and more about what I got from each experience we had. When I got older I was allowed to create tea blends and read the master recipe books she kept close to her heart. This was a divine world of notes and formulas created by Muma. Muma wanted me to smell and taste and touch all at the same time and this is where I got the term Multi-Sensory from. I once added milk to lemon bush tea while on a tea farm in Cameroon at age 9 and Muma said never put milk in citrus teas it makes the tea do ballet. She then kissed my forehead and said now carry on. I surely was loved and educated by this fantastic nurturer of a Grandmother. We spoke of the healing properties and the importance of many different herbs, plants and spices. Today you can enjoy this magic as a gift from Muma and Africa. I am excited that you are able to enjoy the love and passion put into creating all the products at Serengeti Teas and Spices.

The Taste & Flavor Profiles

All our products are entirely conceived, crafted and delivered by hand to ensure the very finest quality to you. The world of aroma and flavor in our products have no limits - vegetal, woody, floral, robust, classic, marine, earthy, grassy, citrus, fruity, soft tingle, tart and smoky. Using rich bouquets of tea leaves, coffee beans, cocoa beans, herbs, spices and dry fruits brighten the cup. Keeping the coffee and hot chocolate blends balanced and never over roasting the beans ensures taste and an uplifting finished cup for your enjoyment. Your senses of smell and taste help in distinguishing roundness, softness, strength, astringency and aromas. Serengeti Teas and Spices create products to awaken this in you. Learning how to discover and express the sensations and impressions felt while tasting our product will be the next step. Enjoy and be delighted with love from Africa.